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2023 Kids' Choice KidLit Writing Contest WINNERS

Hello, friends!

Well... it's time! The amazing kid judges have selected their favorites and we are ready to announce the winners!

Thank you to ALL who entered the contest. This would not be possible without you. You should feel proud for putting yourselves out there and getting your writing in front of real kids! That is a BIG deal!

Huge congrats to all of our finalists and honorable mentions.

A note to the winners: I will be emailing each of you soon with a link to choose your prize. Thank you for your patience with me as this is a huge endeavor and it has a lot of moving pieces. Once the person before you chooses their prize, you will receive the link to choose yours. It is also a little tricky because there are 3-1st place winners (one in each category), so thank you for understanding that there are some limitations.

And now... the moment you've all been waiting for! The winners of the 2023 Kids' Choice KidLit Writing Contest:

YA Winners:

1st Place: STALE AIR by Caz Scales

2nd Place: TRAPPED by Melissa J Miles

3rd Place: ARTIFICIAL INCOME by Kate DeMaio

4th Place: VANISHED by Sarah Meade

5th Place: DAYS OF DESTINY by Karlein Kwong

6th Place: DON’T JUDGE A REAPER BY HIS SYTHE by Bethany Walke

7th Place: THE LIES WE SELL by Kari Ann Gonzalez

8th Place: THE TIMELESS GIFT by Sabrina Shah

MG Winners

1st Place: THE MIRROR TO A THOUSAND MINDS by Melanie Rowsell-Docherty

2nd Place: EARTH SCHOOLS ARE EASY by Rowena Zahnrei

3rd Place: THE GLITCH by Sara Kruger

4th Place: ONE OF US by Emily Keifer

5th Place: This House NOT For Sale by Scott Wolf

6th Place: THE PERKS OF BEING A FIFTH GRADER by Rita D. Russell

7th Place: THE MAILBOX – Stepping Out of the Shadows by Chris Garcia-Halenar

8th Place: STAINE by Courtney Moore

9th Place: MAYBE IT’S MAGIC by Laurie Smith Murphy

10th Place: THE NOTE by Yessi Robles Holm

PB Winners

1st Place: COUCHBOY by Hollie Wolverton

2nd place: A PERFECT PLAN FOR GETTING A DOG by Lynne Marie

3rd place: A DOG'S GUIDE: HOW TO TRAIN YOUR HUMAN By Maura Lance

4th place: ALIEN'S PERFECT PET by Bri Lawyer

5th place: A BAD GUY FIGHTING A ZOMBIE by Ellen Meeks

6th Place: NOT MY ORDER by Melissa Hope

7th Place: THE NOT FRIENDS PLAYDATE by Jennifer Cowan

8th Place: FARTS MAKE YOU SMART by Tunisia Williams

9th Place: BEING YOU AND ME by Heather Kinser

10th Place: GROUND HOG DAY OFF by Trenise Ferreira

11th Place: I DON'T KNOW by Kevin Treaccar

12th Place: BIRDS IN SPACE by Christine Alemshah

CONGRATULATIONS!! I hope you can all celebrate and enjoy the fact that kids loved your work!

And truly, to everyone who entered, please feel so very proud of yourselves and know that SO many of your pieces received at least one vote from a kid judge. YOUR work was someone's favorite. And that means that some day, your BOOK will be a favorite, well loved, story. And that is magical.

Thank you all for enjoying this process with me! I hope you'll stick around and follow my own writing journey. I did just get approval on my Goodreads Author Profile, and I'm offering a GIVEAWAY to celebrate, so I hope you will all check that out. And mark my books "Want to Read" on Goodreads. I really do appreciate the support!!

Thanks for being a part of this fun community! We'll definitely be doing the Kids' Choice KidLit Writing Contest again, so keep your eye out by subscribing to my blog!



About Kailei Pew

Kailei Pew is a wife, mother, and children's book author represented by the amazing

Emily Forney of Bookends Literary.

She loves to write books that help kids see they can

do anything they set their minds to.

Upcoming books include:

THE MONSTER ABOVE THE BED (Clarion/Harper, Fall 2023)

I SEE COLOR (With Valerie Bolling, HarperKids, Winter 2024)

KID-VENTORS (F& F/Macmillan, Spring 2024)



Thank you SOOOO much for running this competition, Kailei! I'm already counting down the days to participate again next year! This might seem like a silly question. I'm new to participating in contests so I'm not sure how it works. Is the winner badge only for the people who got 1st place?


Deborah Buschman
Deborah Buschman
Mar 16, 2023

Huge congrats to all the winners!!!!

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