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A Costume for Charly

Thank you to C.K. Malone and Beaming Books for sending me a copy of A Costume for Charly, written by C.K. Malone and illustrated by Alejandra Barajas. I have had the pleasure of connecting with C.K. on a number of occasions and they are one of the most kind people I have had the pleasure of meeting. I am so happy for them on the recent release of their debut book, A Costume for Charly.

I have to say that this is such a wonderful book. As Charly searches for a costume that showcases both halves of their identity, they worry that nothing will be quite right. Some costumes don't feel true to their girl side and others don't feel true to their boy side. Things feel hopeless until they realize they can create the perfect costume that is true to both parts of who they are and 100% Charly. I love how empowered Charly felt by being true to themself and proud of who they are.

The book is really well written and I'm so excited to see what C.K does next. I know I will be their fan for years to come. And the illustrations are wonderful. Alejandra Barajas uses such beautiful colors and each illustration really drew me in. I feel like she really captured Charly's emotions so well through each image.

Finally, I want to note just how important this book is. I'm thrilled for both the nonbinary kids who will see themselves in this book and for all kids who will learn the importance of respecting others, including using proper pronouns.

This is not only a great Halloween read, but a wonderful book year round.


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