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Free Query Critiques with Preorder

Hello, friends! And happy Thursday!

I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who attended my first webinar in connection with the preorder campaign for THE MONSTER ABOVE THE BED. The energy was incredible and I had SUCH a good time! We had 71 people registered, which was amazing! I'm hoping to grow my future events to 100+

And now it's time to register for the NEXT event!

Crafting an Eye Catching Query:

How to Stand out in the Trenches

It's going to be an absolutely PACKED webinar to get YOU ready to enter (and STAND OUT in) the query trenches! If you attended a version of this that I did a couple of years ago, just know... it is an ENTIRELY new program with way more detail and better formulas than ever! And... if you can't attend live, a recoding will be available for 2 weeks after the event. Just like the previous webinar, you can get a FREE ticket for uploading your proof of library request or preorder campaign.


The first 75 people to preorder THE MONSTER ABOVE THE BED and upload your receipt to the form linked below will receive a FREE big-picture query critique AFTER the event (so you can take what you learn and APPLY it to your query before getting the feedback).

I figured, if I'm going to teach the querying skills, I want to really help make sure you can apply them after!

You can also make a (FREE!) library purchase request to attend the webinar, but the additional offer for query critiques is specifically for those who preorder between June 21st and August 14th (or sooner if we sell out of those first 75 spots).

That means you could get:

A new book!

A very valuable webinar with ACTIONABLE tools to craft a better query! AND

A query critique!

All for about $20?! (The price of the book).

YES. Yes, you can! Maybe you choose to look at this as buying a book and getting a free webinar and critique. (Which, for what it's worth, is how I look at it). Or you could see it as paying for the webinar and getting a free book! haha. Whatever works for you.

Now... just to clarify...

If you already submitted a receipt or library request to attend the previous webinar, you are still absolutely invited to attend this webinar and I would love to have you, but you will need to submit a NEW preorder OR library request! You can do the opposite of what you did before, or you can order a second copy or request the book at a different library. And I promise, THE MONSTER ABOVE THE BED is going to make a great gift ;) And I'll mention it here again... the query critiques are specifically for preorders.


Changing Hands Bookstore (my local indie)

And Anywhere Else Books are Sold!

Don't need help with your query, but still want an incentive for ordering


No worries! If you already think you're a pro at querying and pitching, then maybe this event isn't for you... but don't worry! I have 3 other events on the horizon. One more for authors, and two for teachers, librarians, and other grown ups who work with kiddos.

Registration for the future events will open a few days after the Query Trenches webinar wraps up.

What if you don't want to preorder or make a library request, but you still want to attend a webinar?

You can purchase a "ticket" to the webinar, and I will then use the money to buy a book for a classroom in need. AND that classroom will get to come to one of my virtual school visits! That's a win-win-win. Purchase webinar tickets (and by so doing, make a donation to a teacher), in my shop. (Cost is $30 to cover the book, tax, and shipping).

And just in case you are convinced to preorder and attend this stacked webinar, let me drop some links again to make it easier on you:


Changing Hands Bookstore (my local indie)

And Anywhere Else Books are Sold!

Alright, friends! Thank you so much for being on this journey with me! From the Kids' Choice Kid Lit Writing Contest, to the #PBRisingStars Mentorship, to the response to THE MONSTER ABOVE THE BED, I am truly feeling the love and support of this wonderful community. Truly, truly, thank you!

Until next time,


About Kailei Pew

Kailei Pew is a wife, mother, and children's book author represented by the amazing Emily Forney of Bookends Literary. Kailei's upcoming books include THE MONSTER ABOVE THE BED, illustrated by Steph Lew, KID-VENTORS, illustrated by Shannon Wright, and I SEE COLOR, co-authored with Valerie Bolling and illustrated by Laylie Frazier. Kailei cannot wait to get her books into your hands!


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