How I Got My Book Deal and Started Writing Middle Grade

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Hello friends! Welcome back to the dear old blog. I'm sorry that there haven't been any Tuesday From The Trenches posts recently. I've been busy with things!

I HAVE A BOOK DEAL!!!!! I still am in complete shock and just can't believe it. I love reading "how I got my book deal" stories, so I figured I'd share mine for anyone who is interested.

If you haven't read my story about signing with the incomparable Emily Forney of Bookends Literary, you can check that out HERE. That story is truly a huge piece of this story.

After I signed with Emily, we worked on edits from September til about November. We went on submission briefly in November, but then virtually all editors were taking time off for the holidays, so we put it on hold. (For my non-writer friends reading this, going on submission means that your agent started sending out your story and/or pitching your story to editors. Sometimes you pitch it without sending the manuscript and sometimes you send the full manuscript right away. It's all strategic stuff that I don't really understand, but I don't have to. That's why I have Emily and she's a rock star, so I am so grateful to just be able to fully trust her with those decisions).

At this time, KID MADE (my now-to-be-debut book) was a picture book. It highlighted 20 kid inventors in a really simple way for the youngest of readers.