How To Get Attention in a Twitter Pitch Event

Hi writing friends! It has been more than a minute since I've been around this little blog of mine. Apologies! But I've been busy with exciting things that I look forward to sharing with you soon!!

Today, I wanted to talk about my experience with Twitter Pitch Events and share some ideas to help you have a really great pitch day.

I'll admit that I'm not an absolute expert on anything, but I do feel like I've learned a thing or two about pitch events from trial and MAJOR error. I literally got zero attention in all of my pitch events for 18 months. But the last 2 events were much more successful, because I learned a little more about the Twitter algorithm and now I'd like to share some thoughts with you.

BUT before I jump into some ideas, please please please remember that not matter what happens in these pitch events, you are amazing. Your work is needed in the world. And your worth has NOTHING to do with Twitter likes! If you don't get any agent love, send out a batch of queries and keep trying. I will always remember Tara Lazar saying that she has never known anyone who didn't ultimately make it in this industry if they never gave up. And I believe that with my full heart! We can ALL make it, friends!

Now... let me show you some of my stats from the last PitMad event...