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Introducing Tuesday From The Trenches

I'm thrilled to introduce a new Blog Series, "Tuesday from the Trenches!" I'll be interviewing a different author every week about their experience in the query trenches leading up to signing with their agent! My hope with this is to show that there is no "one size fits all" on the path to representation and to encourage those in the query trenches to keep working through!

Why else am I doing this? I made myself completely crazy in the query trenches wondering what was "normal," if there was any hope of signing with an agent after they had my material for weeks or months on end, if I had more hope of landing an agent through a cold query, a connection at a conference, or through a Twitter pitch party. SO many questions. And I would google various agents' clients, trying to learn what their query experience was. But it was time consuming, and I often didn't find what I was looking for. So I'm hopeful that this series will become a "one stop shop" for learning about just how unique each experience in the query trenches truly is.

I'll be sharing my own query trenches story next week, and then the interview series kicks off on the first Tuesday in October. I'll be asking questions like:

What were your "query stats?"

Time spent in the trenches

Number of agents queried

Number of queries sent

Number of rejections

Number of offers

How did you find agents to query/how did you decide who to query?

How did you ultimately connect with your agent? Did you cold query? Participate in a twitter pitch event? Connect at a conference? Or connect in some other way?

How much time passed between querying your now agent to getting “the call”?

Can you tell us more about “the call” with your agent? How did you know they were the right choice?

If you could give querying authors a piece of advice, what would that be?

I'm so so so excited about this new series! I hope that we will be able to connect with lots of great new authors, learn about the query process, and know that your unique path is yours alone. You will make it through the query trenches if you don't stop pressing forward! I can't wait to see you next Tuesday to share my story and every Tuesday after that for these fun interviews!

If you have any other questions that you're interested in asking these represented authors, comment below!



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