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Kids' Choice KidLit Writing Contest Update for PB Writers

Hello wonderful readers! Thank you to everyone who has expressed excitement and support for the Kids' Choice KidLit Writing Contest! I cannot even begin to tell you just how excited I am. This is truly going to be epic!

I have a very brief update for PB authors. In my mind, everyone was going to be drafting something new just for use in this contest, but I have heard of a lot of people who are wanting to use something that they either are querying currently or hope to query in the near future. Which is totally fine!!

If this describes you, please follow the guidelines below to enter your story. We don't want you publishing a big chunk of the story online because that will count as "publishing" it and can lead to some problems for you. You will only need to follow these guidelines if you are a PB entry planning to query the story you submit to the #KidsChoiceKidLitWritingContest in the same form that you enter it.

PB Author Submission Guidelines:

First, post a comment on the entry page that goes live 1/31-2/2 with the following information (this ensures that you get seen and still have all the benefits of connecting with others on social media, etc):

Sample of (TITLE)

By: (Your Name)

Genre: (PB, MG, or YA)

Paste the first 20-50 words of your story here.

Second, fill out the "Contact" Form on my website HERE with the full 200 words (or less) of your entry, including all of the above information.

Again, this is ONLY for those PB authors who are wanting to query the story that they are submitting to the contest.

ALL YA and MG authors can submit their complete entry in the comments on my website. PB authors who do not plan to query their story in the form it is in for the contest can submit the full entry via my website. Read the full rules HERE.

If you would like me to delete your comment after the contest, I am happy to do that. If you want to submit privately, you can also reach out to me about that.

Thank you all and best of luck writing and revising this last week leading up to the submission window for the Kids' Choice KidLit Writing Contest!



Aileen Stewart
Aileen Stewart
Feb 04, 2022

Hey Kailei, did you get my message sent through your site?


So nice of you to think of this accomodation!


Jennifer Jahn
Jennifer Jahn
Jan 30, 2022

Are art notes included in the 20-50 word count?

Replying to

Yes, thank you for clarifying!


Yes, thank you, Kailei!


Lauri Fortino
Lauri Fortino
Jan 25, 2022

This is great information. Thank you! I'm looking forward to participating.

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