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Spring Fling Kidlit Contest: The Honey Hunt

Happy Spring, friends! I was glad to squeeze in a moment to write a little something for the Spring Fling KidLit Contest hosted by Kaitlyn Sanchez and Ciara O’Neal. I hope that reading all of the entries will bring everyone a little smile during this crazy time.

The task? Choose a Spring GIF for inspiration and write a 150 word (or less) story for kids ages 12 or under. Here's my take on a spring story. Huge shout out to my CPs for a very last minute plea for their thoughts. It's truly a miracle that I squeezed something out for this. I decided that I would put aside the notion that it had to be perfect and just have some fun writing a story. We could all use a little more fun in our lives right now.

The Honey Hunt

By Kailei Pew

150 Words

Benjamin hadn’t meant to eat all the honey.

But a taste became a meal and a meal became a feast.

Now, the last of the hive’s winter storage was gone!

The Queen would be furious.

Benjamin searched high and low for a single morsel to save.

But there wasn’t a drop.

He asked a neighboring hive for help.

But they weren’t very sympathetic.

“Buzz off!”

He pleaded with a passing bear.

But that was dangerous.

“Grrr… Find your own honey!”

Benjamin’s antennae drooped as he faced the queen.

“Your majesty? I… ate the last of the winter honey.”

The Queen’s eyes narrowed.

She pointed to the exit.

“Banishment?” Benjamin worried.

But the queen smiled. “Watch.”

The gatherers returned, bellies full of nectar.

And the workers were already busy making honey!

Benjamin grinned and buzzed to do his part.

The winter supply was gone, but so was winter.

Spring had arrived!


Thanks for reading, friends! And good luck to everyone who entered. I'm looking forward to reading all of the submissions.

Meet Kailei Pew

Kailei believes in books. She believes in imaginative play. She believes in having fun, getting messy, and being silly with her kids. Thus For Little Readers was born.​ Kailei also writes picture books and is currently seeking representation. She loves creating books that bring children and parents together. Kailei hopes that her own books will one day be featured in her blog. ​Prior to staying home with her children and writing picture books, Kailei worked as a reading teacher and middle school mentor. She was a 2019 Write Mentor Mentee and a finalist in Susanna Leonard Hill's 2019 Holiday Writing Contest.



Kaitlyn Sanchez
Kaitlyn Sanchez
Apr 18, 2020

Such a sweet story ;) hehe I couldn't help myself. I really enjoyed your cumulative opening and his journey to make it all right, so glad he didn't have anything to worry about in the end. Thanks for entering this cute adventure into the Spring Fling Kidlit Contest!


Wonderful, Kailei. This story is delightful.

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