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The Third Annual Kids' Choice KidLit Writing Contest is now OPEN!

Hello, friends!!! IT’S HERE!!! The 3rd annual #KidsChoiceKidLitWritingContest is LIVE!

Please take time read through everything here carefully before entering the contest.

Before I delve into the exciting parts of the kids' choice contest, I have to take just a minute to update you lovely readers about two amazing developments in my 2024 publishing journey. BOTH books that I have coming out this year were just named Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selections! I am absolutely thrilled and grateful to the JLG for this honor. Up first is KID-VENTORS, illustrated by Shannon Wright, a Middle Grade nonfiction telling the true stories of 35 kid inventors.

Following that is I SEE COLOR, co-authored with by dear friend, Valerie Bolling, and illustrated by Laylie Frazier, this nonfiction picture book is a celebration and affirmation of diversity.

Both books are now available for preorder, anywhere books are sold!

And now... the reason you're all here!!!


If you need to review the full rules, please do so HERE. Make sure to read carefully because failure to follow the rules will result in disqualification.

While NOT at all required for entry, I’m asking that all who enter consider making a donation to help give the 250+ kid judges a THANK YOU GIFT for their time, sacrifices, work, comments, and amazing efforts in judging this event.

This would not be possible without them!!

I’m hoping to send each child a gift card to buy a book of their choice, and to support indie bookstores to do so. But that will depend on the amount of money we receive. Just know that 100% of donations WILL go to getting these awesome kids a gift. What that gift will be just depends on how much money we can raise.

You can donate in two ways. You can venmo me (@Kailei-Pew) and then I won't have any website fees taken out.

Or you can make a “purchase” through my shop HERE. The shop requires that I set a dollar amount, so you will see that reflected on that page. I have options for $1, $5, $10, $15, and $20, donations. But again, no amount is too small or too large!

And now... the details to enter!

If you need to review the rules, go HERE, and then enter through the Google Form linked below. While I hope you will also post your story in the comments below and make comments to encourage each other there, you MUST enter through the form this year to be considered by the kid judges.

Important dates to note:

January 29-31 Submission Window Opens

February 5th-18th: Round 1 Judging

February 20th-March 1st: Round 2 Judging

March 4-March 17th: Round 3 Judging

Feel free to download this participant badge and post on social media using #KidsChoiceKidLitWritingContest so that we can all chat about the experience and lift each other up! Then comment on THIS TWEET to help us generate buzz and excitement.

After entering (or before), please consider pasting your entry (***or a snippet***) into the comment section below so that everyone can read and comment on your work. Consider adding your social media handles so that other entrants can find and follow you.

You can also post your entry on your own blog or website if you like, but again, you MUST enter officially through the Google Form below.

(***NOTE: If you have a PB entry that you are planning to query/submit as it is, you should ONLY post about 50-60 words as a sample in the comments below. But make sure that you DO post the ENTIRE ENTRY in the Google form, knowing that it will be kept private).

Now... it's time!! Click the button below to enter and GOOD LUCK! I am so grateful to each and every one of you. No matter what happens, please remember that your work is enough. YOU are enough. The world needs your stories. There is room for all of us in this industry and you just have to keep going. I believe in you.

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