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Jinx and the Doom Fight Crime and Printable Super Hero Masks

Updated: May 15, 2020

My girls love to be super heroes. They love to wear their blanket capes and "fly" through the house, saving the day. So I was thrilled to find Jinx and the Doom Fight Crime by Lisa Manchev with illustrations by Samantha Cotterill. I love the simple text. I love the cute comic book style illustrations. I love that it portrays such an endearing relationship between siblings. The book is a quick read, which is great for the small attention span of my two year old. But it also has great attention grabbing text and illustrations for my ever book loving four year old.

And it was the perfect match for a fun super hero activity.

You'll find that I love doing three things with my girls: reading, creating, and playing pretend. So as often as I can make all three happen in a day, I do. And I'm not talking just getting them going and watching them play. Or starting an activity and heading to tackle a household chore. (Though let's be real... that does have to happen.) I'm talking running through the house right alongside them, belting-out-a-theme-song-at-the-top-of-my-lungs-fun. We play hard around here, unapologetically.

For Jinx and the Doom Fight Crime, I wanted something simple but fun to bring the super hero play up a notch. So I created these fun super hero masks. My girls had a blast coloring them! While we colored we talked about different super hero names, what our super hero powers would be, and how we would conceal our true identities. And when I say "we," I really mean me and the four year old. The two year old mainly exclaimed "yeah!" and "fight crime!" while scribbling on her mask. But my four year old decided that she would be Super Kidtastic with super speed. But she also said she would have a cool cell phone that would let her change super powers at any time. When I asked my 2 year old what her super power was, she said uuummmmm..... MONEY! haha! I would definitely call on her to fight crime.

To make your super hero mask, you will need:

Heavy cardstock


Markers, crayons, or colored pencils (unless you prefer to print directly on colored cardstock)

Hole Puncher


First, grab THIS free download, print on heavy cardstock, and cut out the masks. I find it easiest to cut out the eye holes if I first punch a hole in the center. If you don't want to color the masks, you can simply print on heavy colored cardstock. If you want a longer lasting mask, you can use these as patterns to trace onto felt.

Color the masks.

Punch a hole in each side of the mask.

Tie elastic through each hole using a surgical knot.

Super easy!

These masks aren't intended to last forever, but they are definitely a lot of fun and a quick and easy project that you can do with the kids. Paired with Jinx and The Doom Fight Crime, my girls played superheroes for an entire afternoon.

So what are you waiting for? Go Fight Crime!



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