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Little Red and the Big Bad Editor

Hello, friends!

It's been a little while since I've shared a book review, but I'm excited to tell you that I have 4 scheduled for the next two months and more to follow. If you're an author with a book on the horizon, hit me up. I love sharing about new books and elevating your voices!

Today, I am so excited to tell you about the forthcoming LITTLE RED AND THE BIG BAD EDITOR by Rebecca Kraft Rector and Shanda McCloskey.

Thank you to Rebecca for sending me an e-book to make this review possible.

I love a good fractured fairy tale, and this one did not disappoint. It's a fun twist on the classic tale plus a lesson for little ones on good beginning letter-writing skills (without being heavy handed).

Little Red loves her new cape from Granny. She writes a thank you note (even though she hasn't really learned about how to write a letter yet), and skips off to deliver it. The letter isn't perfect, but Red doesn't care. Luckily for her, the mistakes turn into her saving grace. As the Big Bad Wolf pounces time and again, he keeps getting distracted by the letter. It's too sloppy to give to Granny! He keeps helping with things like finger spaces, capital letters, and salutations, instead of gobbling up Little Red. But Red isn't a defenseless bystander who keeps lucking out. Her quick whits might just help her outsmart the Big Bad Editor once and for all.

The wordplay in this book is delightful and the illustrations are so fun. There are a few spread that even feel like a comic panels, which I know from experience kids absolutely LOVE. The basic mechanics of letter writing are there without it feeling forced. Kids will cheer for Little Red and even find themselves liking the wolf.

Overall, this book is a wonderful read and one that kids will come back to again and again. Expect a lovely hand-written letter or two after making this a part of your home library!

Links from Rebecca's website to preorder can be found below. LITTLE RED AND THE BIG BAD EDITOR releases September 6th!



Elayne Crain
Elayne Crain
Sep 29, 2022

I was just hearing about this book at Stimola Live today! :) Looks so good!


Sep 02, 2022

Can't wait to read this pb! Thanks Kailei and Rebecca 🙂


Ashley Sierra
Ashley Sierra
Sep 01, 2022

Can't wait to read this one!

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