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The 1st Annual Kids' Choice KidLit Writing Contest is OPEN

Hello friends!! Today is January 31st, so that means... the 1st Annual Kids' Choice KidLit Writing Contest is OFFICIALLY OPEN!!! I am beyond excited for this moment and cannot wait to read all of your amazing submissions. And I REALLY can't wait for our kid judges to read each one and vote for their favorites. This is going to be super exciting!

If you need a refresher on all of the rules one more time before posting your entry, please read them in detail HERE.

If you want to read all of the details on the optional submission change for PB authors, you can read that in detail HERE.

Once you post your entry below, you might want to hop on over to my twitter to let us know that you posted and to tell us all how you're feeling! Use #KidsChoiceKidLitWritingContest or comment on THIS TWEET so we can all follow along. And if you'd like, you can download this contestant badge to display on your website and/or social media pages. Just click the button for the downloadable image.

I hope you'll also come back to this post and read the other entries and leave comments for the other participants. It's always so nice to feel encouragement from other authors. Can't wait to see this community grow! (Remember to turn off the "join this site's community" option so you don't get hundreds of e-mails with comment notifications. This is an issue on all Wix sites that I super apologize for! I am hoping they change their policy and if they don't make the shift before next year, I will definitely be making a move).

Now, here is a final reminder of what you need to include in your entry below:


By: (Your Name)

Genre: (PB, MG, or YA)

Paste your story here. (or your sample for those PB authors who plan to query/sub this story).

Optional: include any links to your blog (with your entry pasted there too if you like) and other social media platforms so that we can all follow you there.

**Note: If you have any issues with getting your entry to show up, please fill out my contact form HERE. Remember that I can't be sitting by my computer 24/7, but I promise I will get back to you in plenty of time to get your entry up during the submission window, so don't stress.

Alright, friends! That's that. Thank you SO much for participating in this kick-off year. This wouldn't be possible without each and every one of you. Our kid judges are super excited to read what you've prepared. It's going to be so much fun!

About Kailei Pew

Kailei Pew is a wife, mother, and children's book author represented by the amazing Emily Forney of Bookends Literary. Kailei's debut Middle Grade Book, KID MADE will be coming to you from Feiwel and Friends/Macmillan Summer 2023


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What a fun celebration of the alphabet!!



By: S.O. Thomas

Genre: MG

A boy sits on the bench, his feet swinging back and forth like out-of-sync pendulums. He’s shorter than most kids our age, with sun-kissed skin and blond hair. Large chunks of his curls are missing like he lost a fight with a pair of scissors.

“Hey,” he says like he has no idea what he looks like.

“Hey,” I say, trying not to stare, but my eyes keep flicking back up to his head.

Rule #10 of faking normal: don’t stare. This is a hard one for me, especially when I’m looking at something I don’t understand.

“You should see the other guy,” he says with an awkward chuckle. “Okay, fine, I’m the…

Jennifer Lott
Jennifer Lott
05 de fev. de 2022
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Great to see kids accepting each other.


This looks informative and fun



By: Kirsten Ealand

Genre: PB

Dog is a dog.

Dog likes barking.

Dog likes begging.

Dog wants to play.

Periwether Pemberton is a prizewinner.

He prefers purring.

(Posted by Kailei Pew on behalf of Kirsten Ealand due to technical difficulties)


Truly Quite Magical

By Jim Chaize

Genre: PB

Santa’s oldest elf had a special assignment on Christmas Eve.

“Henry, where’s my boots?” asked Santa.

“Right there, but you better put your pants on first.”

Santa’s head swiveled. “Where are they?”

“You’re sitting on them.”

“Oh, how silly of me.”

Santa slipped into his pants.

“I’m always nervous before my big flight,” Santa confessed.

Henry helped Santa with his boots. “You’ve done this a hundred times.”

“I know, but every year feels like the first.”

Henry handed Santa his jacket.

Santa glanced at his reflection, “Something’s missing.”

“Your smile … but I think you mean your hat. Here.”

Santa nestled it onto his head.

“Once I slip down that first chimney,…

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