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Trick Arr Treat

Updated: May 15, 2020

Well, I missed another week on this dear old, shiny new, blog... But I have *good* reason. You see, I was working on Halloween costumes. Not a good reason, you say? Well, just follow me on twitter and tomorrow you will see that it was totally a good reason. haha! But for reals, projects like this always take me way longer than anticipated. Why? Because I don't actually sew well... I get by. And then where I can't figure things out, I've learned that there is seriously nothing that you can't make with a hot glue gun! For reals.

Anyways... this is a book blog, Kailei. I can hear you saying it. So let me share with you a super fast Halloween book and activity before I get back to finalizing the costumes for tomorrow.

Trick Arrr Treat by Leslie Kimmelman with illustrations by Jorge Monlongo was such a fun read. I'm always game for an excuse to talk like a pirate, so it was a must to whip out my pirate voice for this one. I loved the pirate language, and my girls ate it all up. And the illustrations are wonderful. Plus, it gave us a great chance to talk about good/grateful trick or treat habits. (Spoiler Alert: Not like the rude, brash pirates.)

For our activity to go with this one, we simply grabbed some pirate eye patches from Walmart and played pirates literally all. day. long. My girls loved making each other walk the plank and said "arg, matey!" Approximately 201,384 times!

So for a fun Halloween book on this Halloween eve, make sure to grab a copy of Trick Arr Treat! I would gush more but, costumes. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween!



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