Tuesday From The Trenches: Janelle Harper

Hello wonderful readers! How are we all doing today? I know many of you are deep in the query trenches. Some might be about to hop out. Others might feel like you'll be there forever... But it last week's interview with Allen taught us nothing else, we learned that years of "no" can become "yes" from one day to the next! So keep trudging, friends! You will make it.

And not to be a Debby Downer... but the waiting truly never ends. So to those of you who are agented and now on submission, I see you. That wait doesn't actually ever end if you are looking to be a career author. You sell one book and celebrate with complete JOY, and then it's right back out on sub with the second... then the third... then the fourth... and I'm sure very experienced authors will tell us that the waiting still doesn't stop. 30 years from now when I'm ready to retire, I'll let you know ;)

But what I'm trying to say is this... the waiting will never end. So just enjoy each and every moment of the process. Control what you can control... write another story. Send another query (or pre another submission). Research a new idea. Try a new genre. And let the waiting take a backseat to the work you are putting in. I have said it before and I will say it again... I fully, 100% believe that there is room for each and every one of us in this industry. And that the world needs our stories. All of them. So don't stop writing.

Anyways... I have babbled enough now. So please join me as I now welcome Janelle Harper to Tuesday From The Trenches!

Thank you so much for joining us today, Janelle! I’m thrilled to share your story with my readers! So let's jump right in.