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Welcome to For Little Readers!

Hello! Welcome! I'm so glad that you're stopping by my little corner of the internet. Thanks so much for taking the time to drop in. For Little Readers is the blog section of my website dedicated to our young readers and their imaginations. I hope that you'll find fun and inspiration here. Each Wednesday beginning September 11, I will feature a new picture book along with a fun activity that you can easily do at home with your little readers.

I adore reading. From the first day I brought my oldest daughter home from the hospital, I read her a bedtime story. And we never stopped reading. Now we go to the library and pick up 20-30 books each week and devour them. She loves to read and it does my momma heart good to see the joy in her eyes with each new book. Truth be told, my two year old doesn't hold *quite* the same passion, but she is slowly becoming more and more interested in the stories. She is most interested in playing. Which is also incredible! I adore imaginative play. I love to see my girls become princesses, astronauts, pirates, and more... often all in a single day! And I love to get involved and play by their side. Often, we throw our two passions for books and imaginative play together and create something really special. I believe that when books and imagination meet, magic happens. And I hope to share some of that magic with you and your little readers. Please pop on by each Wednesday and see what fun things we're up to this week. Chances are, you'll discover a great new book along the way!

We'll be kicking things off on Wednesday with my first book review and activity: Moon's First Friends and a DIY Astronaut Helmet.


To celebrate the kick off of my blog, I'd love to offer one of you lovely first readers all twelve of my book quote printables found in my shop for FREE.

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Good luck to everyone!! Giveaways runs through Tuesday, September 10th at midnight PDT.

Hi! I'm Kailei 

I write picture books and am in the process of seeking representation.

I believe in books. I believe in imaginative play. I believe in having fun, getting messy, and being silly with my kids. Thus FOR LITTLE READERS was born. I hope you'll jump into the fun with your kids and be inspired by something I share here. 

Why books? I believe that books open up a world of possibilities to young kids. In a book, anything is possible. Kids can find themselves in the pages and get completely lost in the story. The day we brought our first baby home from the hospital, we read her a bedtime story and never looked back. Now we can read for hours every day. I'll never tire of the wonder in her eyes with each new story. 

Why imaginative play? Kids need to be silly. They need to go on adventures. They need to navigate their world in a fun, safe place. I could go on and on about the benefits of imaginative play, but I'll spare you. Just know this: it's SO important in a child's development. 

I believe that when reading and imagination meet, magic happens. I hope to help you make that happen for your child.



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