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Your First Day of Circus School and a Day at the Circus

Updated: May 15, 2020

Hello friends. I know, I know. It has been MONTHS since I've given you a fun activity to go along with one of my favorite picture books. I could go on and on with excuses... about how I've been busy with family, life, and my own writing dreams, but I'll spare you the details and just say... I'm sorry. And I am excited about jumping back into this blog space and sharing some fun activities. Plus, now more than ever, we need fun things to do with our kiddos at home.

I'm actually loving this opportunity to slow down and spend more time together as a family. I do look forward to the day that life is back to normal with hope, but until then I feel a great responsibility to do my part to stop the spread of Covid-19. Stay home, stay healthy, and wash your hands people.

Today, I'll be gushing over the wonderful book by Tara Lazar, Your First Day of Circus School, illustrated by Melissa Crowton. This book is so much fun. I live for puns, and Circus School does not disappoint on that front. I love the interactions between the text and art. One would not be complete without the other. I love the second person voice and the silly circus antics. And of course, my littles love it which at the end of the day is what matters most of all.

After reading Circus School this week, we set up a little at-home circus. We popped some popcorn and took turns as the circus performers. You wouldn't believe how much time we spent walking across a piece of painter's tape "tightrope" with our balloon weights. Of course, we had to include some daring feats and stellar tricks across the death-defying tight rope.

(Don't mind our construction zone... we are in the middle of a remodel... and with everything shut down, we'll be an extra month of disaster zone).

Tara Lazar is among the awesome authors who are creating read-along videos to help pass the time in quarantine/social distancing/home school. Make sure to follow her on instagram to catch her videos.



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